Catskills Pt 2 / Woodstock / World’s Largest Kaleidoscope / (Im)Patiently Waiting For the Children To Get Out Of the Way

On to the latter two days of our trip in the Catskills!

Sunday morning we woke up to heavy rain. Looking at the weather forecast it appeared this would be an all day thing.


We first set out for brunch just a walking block from our hotel at Zephyr Restaurant. So much YES. Brunch is my favorite meal by a landslide and this place does it right.


After brunch we checked the weather and, you guessed it, more rain. That was okay though because I had another bucket list item I needed to check off while in the Catskills: visit Woodstock.

If you don’t know me well, you probably will not know about my love of all things music – concerts, festivals, the feels – all of it. I have several books and DVD’s about the original Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 (also infatuated with everything about the 60s and 70s). So getting to visit the site of this historical event in music and culture was a pretty HUGE deal to me. I think I may have cried a little bit. It’s fine.

Yasgur’s Farm in Bethel Woods was about 1 hr and 15 min from our hotel and as we pulled up to the big empty field, you could just feel the history. There is now a museum on site (The Museum at Bethel Woods) that can really take you back. Here we got to see original clothing, instruments, poster art and video footage all from that monumental weekend in August 1969. Talk about FEELS. We didn’t do a tour with an actual guide since we just prefer to gaze at our own pace but we did get to overhear some facts from the guides and kind of dip in and out of a couple tour groups as we went. The staff is very knowledgeable, one of them was even in attendance at the festival! After we saw all there was to see inside I knew I needed to set my feet on that field, no matter how rainy and muddy. So I did just that! Amazing! Had a total fan-girl moment.

Rainy day at Yasgur’s Farm 🙂


After grabbing some coffee to go and Krystal getting a deformed cup that dumped coffee all over her, we headed out to Emerson Resort & Spa in Mt Tremper, NY to check out the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope. Krystal and I are pretty much the definition of grown up kids so as soon as we heard about this place we knew we had to check it out. Standing at 56 feet tall and 38 feet in diameter, a silo was transformed into this enormous kaleidoscope. This results in a visual/sound experience. The silo is the kaleidoscope so when you walk into the silo at your showtime you are IN the kaleidoscope. The ceiling of the silo is where you have to look to see the show. The presentation uses projected moving images and mirrors that replicates the visuals you would see if you were holding a kaleidoscope up to your eye and turning the dial on the end. You can either lie on the floor or use head props to lean back into to comfortably turn your neck upward. The show changes seasonally. It is for all ages, but the show is pretty psychedelic (I mean, it’s a kaleidoscope) so if you don’t appreciate art like that, it may not be for you. I only say this because there were definitely some people and children in the room with us who didn’t quite get it. We on the other hand COMPLETELY appreciate that kind of art and we thought it was the coolest; and worth the $5.00 admission (children under 11 are free).


After (or before) your showtime DEFINITELY check out the store/exhibit. The store features all kinds of kaleidoscopes of all sizes available for purchase at ALL price levels. I’m talking if you want a kaleidoscope for a few bucks you can get it here; if you want one for a few hundred dollars, YEP you can get that here too. We had way more fun than two adults probably usually do checking out all the kaleidoscopes. There’s even one that you can pretty much stand in and see yourself at all different angles. There was a line at this exhibit and Krystal and I waited in it but every time we were at the front of the line a child would run in before us. We do love kids so we would politely smile about it, but we were getting a little antsy. IT WAS OUR TURN. HA.

Had to fight approx 11 kids to get this shot

After we got our kaleido-fill we headed back into Pine Hill to grab an early dinner. We had checked the weather for Monday and it looked so much better than today’s so we decided to tackle one more climb before heading back home.

To be continued in Catskills Pt 3.



  1. Michael Ventura
    December 17, 2017 / 7:45 am

    No fair you made it to Max’s farm and I didn’t. It must always rain there cuz that’s what stopped us about 10 miles short stuck in mud and totally clogged roads. Oh well you didn’t get to see Jimi either nor Country Joe and the Fish.

  2. Maya
    December 17, 2017 / 5:00 pm

    I was so bummed I didn’t get to woodstock last time. Definitely a must for my next trip up. Also, KALEIDOSCOPE! Have to see this next time I’m up there!

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